7. The Timeline of Life

For children, rushing into the unknown is as exciting as hopping on a roller coaster. Meanwhile, the beauty of the moment is flying by in their peripheral vision. Children and teenagers deserve to have these times of their life which can never be brought back. There is a lifetime to be had of being adults. Why not show them the beauty in being exactly who they are in the here and now? It's important for them to know that life can always have times of joy, beauty, and excitement.

But just like their favorite piece of cake, sometimes it's more fun to savor every morsel rather than wolf it down in one bite!

Helping children come to peace and understanding with not rushing into dating can be a challenge for any parent. Using some of the reasons above will help them to understand that while you see dating as a positive part of their life, it is just a part and not the whole thing. Learning who they are before they begin to date someone else is one of the most important steps of life. What is the advice you would give to a parent whose child wants to start dating?

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