7 Questions to Ask Your Kids about Their Day at School ...

Do you ever feel like there should be a better way to ask your kids about their day at school? I think all parents feel that way at some point. You want to know what is really going on in their day. These are some questions to ask your kids about their day that can offer you more insight.

1. What Was the Best Part of Your Day?

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This is a question to ask your kids about their day that will give you a lot of information. This is a question they will be happy to answer. It is fun to share the good things. This may allow you to hear things about the classroom pet or how happy they were to pass a test they have been studying for. Ask this question and watch their eyes light up.

2. What Was the Worst Part of Your Day?

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This question isn’t as much fun for your child to answer but it can be very helpful. It can give you the inside scoop. It can let you know if something isn’t going well at school. They may share that they are struggling with math or getting in trouble. This isn’t a question you want to ask daily but it is good to throw this one in on occasion.

3. Who Did You Sit with at Lunch?

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This is one I ask my children a lot. It lets you know how your child is doing in the social scene of school. Are they making new friends? Are they changing friends a lot? Are they struggling to fit in?

4. Was Your Schoolwork Easy or Difficult Today?

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This is a good question to ask on occasion, too. It lets you know what is going on with them academically, at least from their viewpoint. If you don’t ask, your child may not think to tell you that they are really struggling with geometry or whatever the subject is. Another point to make: there is never a time when you should stop asking these questions. You should always try to stay in touch with how things are going for your child at school.

5. How Was Your Teacher Today?

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You may want to know about the rapport between your child and their teacher. It is good to ask how their teacher was. This will give you some clues as to whether they are working well together. If you get comments about how funny a teacher is or that there is a cool project coming up, those are good signs. If your child’s face suddenly falls or they seem to not want to discuss this subject, take notice.

6. Who Did You Play with Today?

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This question is another one tells you how things are going socially for your child. It tells you if they are staying with the same group of friends or not. This may also be a time when you find out they are missing playtime due to misbehavior. They may not like playtime at all because they don’t want to interact with other kids. These are all things that can come out when you ask this important question.

7. What is Coming up Soon at School?

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Your kids may not think to give you a heads up on things that are on the calendar at school. Asking this question can prompt them into doing so. They may suddenly remember there is a school play or that school pictures are tomorrow.

These are some questions you can ask your child about their school day. It is best to use a mixture of these questions rather than ask all 7 of them daily. Asking a few different ones each day will give you a balanced view of how things are really going.

What are some questions you ask? I would love to know your approach.

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