4. Why is My Baby's Poop Orange?

Baby poop changes in a vast array of colors during the first year or so. It's amazing actually. The usual for strictly breastfed babies is a yellowish mustard color. Other than that, as solids are introduced, it begins to change into the normal colors of green, orange and yellow, depending on what they eat. Sometimes, you may even change a multicolored diaper!

The only time you need to worry is when it's white, red or black. Black is common when they are first born, but after that, it could mean that there is problems in the digestive tract. If it's white, you may want to see you doctor and ask about problems with the liver. And of course, red is no good because that means it's blood. If these colors show up in the diaper change, you really need to consult your pediatrician for more information.

When is It Alright to Start Solid Foods?
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