2. Why is My Baby Crying and How Can I Make It Stop?

Babies cry as their way of communication. Sometimes, they are just simply wanting attention, but most of the time, they need something. It's your job, as a parent, to learn their different cries. It really isn't as hard as it seems. You will quickly be able to determine their hungry cry, their "change my diaper" cry, their sleepy cry, etc. If you baby is crying and isn't hungry, or dirty, you need to look into other causes like discomfort

. Maybe some clothes are bothering them, maybe their diaper is pinching them. After you have looking into every obvious cause, you might consider what you've eaten that may have given them a tummy-ache, if you breastfeed, that is. Colic is something that can be the cause, and if that's the case, you're in for a tough ride. Find something that works for your baby to calm them. Some like the sound and feel of being held on top of the dryer as it's running. Some like bouncing, and others like swinging. If the crying persists, you may want to visit your pediatrician.

Is It Safe to Use the "Cry-It-out" Method?
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