3. First Aid Kit

First Aid Kit

Most homes already have the first aid essentials, but I recently ran into an issue with the child I was caring for. She had a terrible headache and I couldn’t find medicine anywhere. I could find Bandaids and Neosporin but nothing for headaches. It ended up taking me nearly 20 minutes to locate what I needed for her.

If I had had my “Nanny Bag” with me like I usually do, it wouldn’t have been an issue. Just make sure you ask if the child is allergic to anything prior to the parents leaving the house so you don’t give them something you shouldn’t. You should keep the essential first aid staples like bandaids, creams, sun screen, bug spray, tweezers, etc in the bag that you bring. You never know when an emergency might arise and you’ll need to grab them quickly without searching all over the house to locate them.

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