7. Delivery

Sure, it's a bit painful. Certainly, it's a long and tiring process. However, that being said, in the end, when you're holding that precious newborn in your arms, you'll find it was worth every second to see your baby! That baby you've carried for around 40 entire weeks in your womb is now in your arms, staring into your face.

They know who you are from the time they're born, and it makes you feel so special when they'll cry and cry, and once they're placed in your arms, they suddenly become calm and perfectly relaxed, knowing they're in the arms of "Mommy!" It's a feeling you will remember for the rest of your life, I'll promise you that!

That is the 7 milestones of pregnancy I tend to think are the most memorable. I do hope you agree! I would love to hear your stories of experiencing these milestones during pregnancy! Please comment and share your story! May your life be blessed!

Top Photo Credit: Sebastien LABAN

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