4. Be Independent, but Have a Partner You Can Lean on

It is so important for your daughter to believe she is capable of building the life she envisions. If she wants to buy a house on her own, break the glass ceiling of her company, travel the world to fill her wanderlust soul, it’s her prerogative.

When she does decide to settle down, so to speak, there’s nothing wrong and many things so right in choosing a partner who will stand by her when the chips are down. Also remind her that a partner who is a support is not the same thing as a crutch. As a very wise mother once said, “Relationships are 50/50. But it usually comes in the form of 90/10 followed by 10/90.” She will someday be the healthy support you hope for her to find. Which is another great Mom-ism.

You Are Loved Unconditionally and Eternally
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