2. You Want to do WHAT to Your Hair? Okay, Let’s do It

Both of my girls have the sides of their heads shaved. They also have had purple and teal hair. As their mom, I’ve gotten a lot of dirty looks, veiled comments, or direct questions about why I let them do that to their hair. My answer is this – it’s their hair. It’s not mine. Their body, their choice.

This goes for their clothing, their makeup, and any future holes they want to put into their body. If it’s not dangerous and it’s not permanent (and they’re not going to get sent home from school), I don’t stop them. This goes along with the consent issue – I am determined they grow up understanding that they are the masters of their bodies. If they hate the way they look, at least THEY made that decision (and will learn from their mistakes – just like I did when I cut all my hair off when I was a round pregnant lady).

You’re Such a Hard Worker
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