3. Don't Ever Quit

The most important tip for your child to succeed is to never quit on them. When you quit, your child cannot succeed. Every time you quit your child will see you quit. When your child sees you quit you are implementing the quitting gene in your child. Children depend on their parents for almost everything. There are things your child will face in this world that they have never faced before, and they will lean on you for your guidance, love and protection.

Do not quit on your child regardless of the situation. I remember when I hit rock bottom and I struggled week to week. My child never knew we were struggling because I never quit as a parent.

In conclusion, always remember to provide your child with love, your hands as a tool and never quit no matter the downfall. Everything you do as a parent using these tips will be passed on to your child creating a path to success. Your child needs the tools out of your tool belt, so pass them on so they can continue to build off of what you have given them.

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