7. How to Buy a Car or a House

I honestly still don’t know how to do either of these two things and I am twenty four years old! I am not financially stable enough to buy a car or a house, but I know one day I will be. When that day comes, I know I need to be prepared since I wasn’t prepared in high school or college!

I know that my parents and relatives will help me with any advice I might need when buying a car or a house, but it is always better to do your own research and learn, so you're fully prepared when walking into a dealership or a house you're looking to buy.

All of these skills are so important to learn before leaving high school, so they can help students with real life problems after school. The problem is these are the things students are not taught in high school, rarely if ever. Do you think these skills need to be taught in high school? Were you ever taught any of these skills while in school?

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