7. They're Overstimulated

The world is a fascinating place just waiting for kids to learn and explore. At times, an environment can be overwhelming and cause a child to be too stimulated, thus heightening his or her anxiety and frustration level. Again, at the 2-3 age range, processing a lot of information and strong stimuli is challenging and can be expressed through negative emotions like tantrums, hitting or biting.

Take note if an environment is just too crowded, busy, loud, etc and have a little grace when there is an incident of bad behavior. And as much as possible, avoid blatantly obvious scenarios of likely misbehavior.

I know first hand that it can be challenging and even embarrassing when your child, or a child entrusted in your care, bites someone. For unknown reasons, some people look down on parents as neglectful or disengaged when their child bites. This is not OK. Biting, although a little unnerving, is totally normal! Remember to be consistent with discipline and reinforce good behavior. Have you or someone you know gone thorough a season with a biting toddler? What steps did you take to prevent future biting?

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