7. Reward Jar

Reward your kids with things they get to do instead of things they get to have by using a reward jar. When they do something good, they pick from the jar and get things like to stay up a little later or play outside a little longer. This is a great way to not spoil your child with goodies or toys. They will learn to earn privileges rather then material things.

Plus it's a great incentive for your kids to go out of their way to do good rather than avoid simply doing something bad.

Any parent can tell you that raising a child is never easy. But no one ever said that it can't be fun! Putting in a little of your own uniqueness and creativity in every day parenting situations can be a great thing for both you and your children. What are some things that you do with your children that may be seen as being unconventional or humorous?

Top Image Source: pinkletoes.com

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