5. I Downloaded a Fertility App

I found that there are many apps that help you track your cycle, and Kindara is the one I use (it was referenced in the book and it's pretty). You can customize what you add in the diary, like what workouts you did and what cravings you have. It also helps you track your body temperature and automatically calculates ovulation.

Based on a few cycles, the app will also predict your next period, so you'll have an idea of when you're going to start the next cycle and plan parties around it. Super win.

Honestly, I will never go back, even after I have my children. Again, I am trying to go natural in many ways when it comes to my health, and empowering myself by taking charge of my cycle is just one piece of that puzzle. Is it a tried-and-true, mathematical solution to avoiding babies? No, mistakes can be made if you're not careful. But I know it has worked for me, and now I am not under the control, influence, emotional distress, and bloating of birth control. That, in itself, makes me feel like Wonder Woman.

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