5. Be a Friend and a Parent

Your kid doesn’t want to know how things will turn out, she wants to try it for herself. Every time she does something or asks for your permission, imagine yourself in her shoes. Your baby needs advice, not conclusions. Being friends with your kids might encourage them to come and share things with you.

If you are too authoritative or judgemental, your kid might look for friends to share what they feel.

These friends could be a bad company and might turn your kid into a rebel. Your kid might not go out looking for friends when she knows her best friends are waiting for her at home. Parents are their children’s biggest well-wisher. Being a friend and parent will solve many problems.

Following the things mentioned in the article will make you a better parent. You might or might not want to be a superhero, but being a better parent will save you a lot of trouble later. Who is your baby’s favorite superhero?

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