5. A Set of Wheels

Does the special little person in your life love extreme sports? Do they look forward to watching the X Games every summer? Or, are they constantly badgering their parents about trying snowboarding or skateboarding?

If this describes him or her, then there’s nothing better than a set of wheels, of course!

We’re not talking cars, obviously. But a new bike, skateboard, or roller blades make for great kid gift ideas. Especially for those adventurous kids with endless amounts of energy.

What about if they’re a little bit older and already have a bike or skateboard? ATV for little kids is growing in popularity and for lots of fun reasons.

With a mini ATV, the special little person in your life can fulfill their need for thrills at a safe cost. They’re especially great if you or their parents also ride ATV’s.

There are different ATV’s for different age groups. There are also different speed settings that parents can adjust themselves.

Make sure to buy a reputable model with backed reviews. You’ll also want to include a helmet, knee pads, goggles, and a chest and back protector.