7 Games Children Played before Technology Came along ...

Before there were iPods, Wiis, and PlayStations, there were old school games that children used to equally enjoy. It wasn’t so long ago that kids actually went outside to socialize with others and got physically involved in fun activities. Before technology came along, children developed social skills and strengthened their health from early ages. Unfortunately recent generations are hooked on the allure of phones and computers. No matter how beneficial technological advancement can be for our growth as a society, it is time to go old school and with it bring old school games back.

1. Hopscotch

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On those good old days when the sun's rays were beating down and you had nothing to do, hopscotch was one of the to go-to old school games. All you really needed was chalk, rocks and a few people to play with. The strategy to the game was picking the right rock, after all small ones jumped way too high and the large ones were too hard to throw. This game didn’t require much but it would occupy children for hours.

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