7 Fun Ways to Create a Carnival Themed Birthday Party ...

A carnival themed birthday party is a great way to celebrate your little one’s special day if they are really into animals, games, and clowns. It’s best to plan this theme for a Spring, Summer, or early Fall birthday so the kids can play games and ride the pony outside in the backyard. A carnival themed birthday party works for everyone too; from younger kids to teens and adults, they will all enjoy this fun theme. So, let’s start planning and see what will make this a party no one will forget…

1. Carnival Invitation

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Get things rolling and give your guests something to look forward to by sending out creative carnival themed birthday party invitations. Whether your theme is more circus with clowns, lions, and elephants or you are celebrating with a carousel and Ferris wheel, give your friends and family members a little hint of the fun you are planning. Don’t forget to give them tickets to get into the carnival!

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