6. Valentineā€™s Day Pajama Party with Gift Exchange

Valentineā€™s Day Pajama Party with Gift Exchange

For the Valentineā€™s Day pajama party gift exchange, everyone invited will be given the assignment to bring three themed gifts. The first should be something to sleep in or wear like valentineā€™s pajamas. The second is some sort of safe and non-allergenic food. The third can be a fun valentineā€™s day card to give to someone in the room.

Make sure the cards are filled out so that they could be a perfect fit for anyone. You can do the gifts white elephant style or Ā«secret cupidĀ» style and make sure all are wrapped so that no one knows who gets what and everyone gets a nice letter from a friend, a gift and something to wear that is themed for valentineā€™s to make the party even more fun. You can find affordable and wholesale valentineā€™s pajam

as here.

Making Valentineā€™s Day Candy and Gift Bags
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