3. Baking Mini Heart-Shaped Cakes

Baking Mini Heart-Shaped Cakes

This can be fun and educational. Your kids will learn about geometry and also how to bake. Take square and circular cake sheets or two use large rectangular cake sheets and bake a cake. The circle’s diameter has to be the same size as the diagonal of the square to work. Now take the circle cake and cut it in half. If you have two large sheet cakes, cut circles and squares from them

. Now turn the square so it looks like a diamond and attach the two semi circles to the top to make a heart. Next is the fun part. Frost the cakes and let the kids go nuts decorating. To add in a geometry factor, have your kids measure the circles and squares and try to create as little waste as possible. You could also give them each their own mini cakes and have them write sayings on it and have them give it to someone else in the room.

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