7. Late Night Hide and Seek

This was my favorite thing to do as a kid! We would all wait until it got dark out, then we would dress all in black or other dark colors and head outside. We would leave the front porch light on for those who may be afraid of being in the pitch black, then we would form teams and head out to hide while one team counted. You don’t have to play in teams, but it worked well for my youngest brother because he’s several years younger than the other 3 of us.

Being on a team meant he didn’t have to hide by himself in the dark, the whole team (2 people) usually hid together. My parents almost always played with us and it was just good family time fun!

These family dates you can have at home will bring your family closer together and give you some great bonding time with your kids as well as your significant other! Schedule one day each week, or every other week to have your family fun! For some added spontaneity, write down several ideas on separate Popsicle sticks, put them in a can and let the kids take turns each time picking a stick and that will be the activity you all participate in! What fun family date ideas would you love to share?

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