7. Gabby Douglas

Even at such a young age, Gabby Douglas has accomplished more in her life than I think I ever will. Being an Olympic gymnast takes years and years of extreme dedication and that is a characteristic to instill in your daughter. If your daughter has half of the work ethic that Gabby Douglas had in preparation for the Olympics, then she is bound to do great things. Another thing I love about Gabby is that she does not respond to criticism.

Plenty of people have negative things to say about her, but she just ignores it and keeps smiling. Not letting negative comments hurt your daughter is a great thing to teach her.

While there are many more great female role models for your daughter out there, I think this list is a great start for celebrities you should expose your children to. They all exhibit great qualities that set them apart from the rest. They all display hard work, good morals, and qualities that you should want your daughter to gain. What did you think of these female role models? What are some other female role models you want your daughter to look up to? Are there some celebrities your daughter looks up to that you dislike?

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