7. Time Capsule

The year is full of action and wonderful memories. Sit together and record some of those memories on paper โ€“ good and bad. Collect your memories in words, photographs, or keepsakes โ€“ things that have special meaning for you. Gather them in an item like a tin canister or ceramic container. Much like the contents, the vessel is up to you! Creating a time capsule is a great way to mark the transition of the New Year

. When your time capsule is complete, store it in a safe place to visit later. Bury your time capsule someplace special or display it in your home.

We hope our seven suggestions of activities are helpful for you! Use one or all of these ideas to throw a fantastic party at home with your dearest or plan a big bash for your daughter and other relatives at home. Whatever you do, have a blast and enjoy ringing in the New Year. Do you have plans for New Yearโ€™s Eve? Please, share!

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