7. Unborn Babies Dream

Babies in general dream a lot more than adults do, believe it or not. And this actually starts before they're even born. Some ask, "What do they have to dream about since they've never seen anything?" I personally believe they dream about life as they see and know it. The sounds and light around them evokes dreams that we as adults will never experience again. Dreams start as early as 17 weeks gestation. Absolutely amazing!

I can't help it.

Babies are precious and should be spared the gruesome death that so many are put through. My opinion is, if you're not willing to raise the baby that is within your body, do not deprive it of a chance to live, but consider other options you might have, like giving that beautiful baby for adoption. The baby didn't do anything wrong and you won't believe how many couples are dying to have a baby or adopt one! So, what is your opinion on these 7 facts about the unborn? Please share!

Top Photo Credit: sparky05

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