10. Wallet

Last, but certainly not least, you at least need to take your wallet, if not your entire purse. You're going to have to have your I.D. and insurance card (if you have one) to get admitted. The only way around this is if your hospital offers pre-registration for pregnant women. If so, you can go and pre-register for your hospital stay at your convenience. If you do have this option, it is much better. My first time, I was a pathetic sight at 11 p.m. My hair was a mess, amniotic fluid was puddling at my feet, the entire E.R. was filled with people...and there I stood having to register myself and wait to be taken upstairs. Never will that happen again, trust me! I'm pre-registered this round, girls!

Knowing what to pack for the hospital when having a baby is so important, and have a list ahead of time is so helpful.

You will encounter different women who will have different things they think you aught to pack for the hospital when having a baby. Just remember that, when it comes down to it, what to pack for the hospital when having a baby is totally up to you, but getting other ideas is helpful. Some are great ideas, such as your boppy pillow for feeding baby and others, in my opinion, not so great like a razor and shaving cream. Really? After just giving birth? Forget it! I'll be stubble legged for a few days! However, many things are completely optional and not necessary for a decent stay at the hospital. Stick to the Essential 10 of what to pack for the hospital when having a baby and you'll be set for the hospital stay that will change your life forever and help you to bring a new life into the world. But what do you think? Is there an item you think more essential than the ones mentioned? If so, please feel free to comment and let us know!

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