5. Fence Soccer

Now you may not be into outdoor activity or you may not have the most engaging backyard, but fence soccer is an easy activity that is almost guaranteed to induce naptime. This is as simple as it sounds and all that’s needed is a ball and fence. The ball is kicked back and forth and the first one to hit the fence scores. Just make sure you set a number that wins the game or your little one will have you going to 50!

I do first to 5 wins. Which brings up another great point. No matter your activity level, this is a great chance to get some exercise in and still get you some one on one time with the kiddos.

Whatever you do, engage with your children to make the memories that will last a lifetime. Engaging with your kids is also a great way to relax and let go of the stresses of the day! They are only young for so long, so don’t let the young years pass you by. Get out there moms, and seize the day!

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