7 Cute Ideas for Family Portraits ...


Taking family portraits is not only a great way to preserve memories of your family’s time together, but it also creates something fun to put in the card at Christmas time for all to see. Choosing a setting, backdrop, or coming up with an interesting family portrait means you have to put some thought into it. Some places which offer family portraits also have a variety of ideas of their own. If you are thinking of making your own pictures this year, then here are 7 cute ideas for family portraits that you just might like to try.

7. Be Your Own Sports Team

Create matching shirts and come up with a team name to display across the shirts. If you or someone you know is a seamstress, you can get very detailed with this type of family portrait. It’s your team, so you even get to pick out team colors and decide on a mascot too.

Dress up like the Characters of a Favorite Movie
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