7 Cute Ideas for a Disney Frozen Themed Party ...

I have a feeling that parents are going to be attending or planning a few Disney Frozen themed parties this year. It seems that everyone forgot about “Brave” when “Frozen” came out and fell in love with the characters and music. Has your little one been running around singing Demi Lovato’s, “Let it Go” since this movie premiered? Well now you can make their dreams come true for their birthday or even just a sleepover with a Disney Frozen themed party with these cute ideas.

1. Build Their Own Snowman

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One of the cutest characters from this movie that is a must have for your Disney Frozen Themed party is Olaf the snowman! Your little ones can have fun building their own snowman, knocking him down, and then building him back up again with this free printable over at catchingupwithkate.com. Or you can make Olaf cookie pieces, mix them up in a bag, and watch as the kids build their own snowman cookie like they did over on karaspartyideas.com. That is if they don’t eat all of the cookies before putting him together! I love both ideas, which one is your favorite?

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