7 Cute Halloween Craft Ideas for Kids ...

With the coming of my favorite holiday, my house is all a-buzz with tons of Halloween projects, and I simply adore getting my son in the mood for the season with some fun Halloween craft ideas. Crafts are wonderful activities for kids. They are engaging, they teach fine motor, gross motor and language skills and they serve as a wonderful way to teach about the world around us. Plus, they are just a great way to bond and fun way to pass the time. Oh, and I also love displaying the finished projects as decorations. So, on that note, here is a look at some of my favorite Halloween craft ideas for kids.

1. Pumpkin Masks

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Of all the Halloween craft ideas, this one is probably my favorite, and my little guy had a blast with it. Just cut two eye holes out of a paper plate and have your little one help you cut or tear pieces of orange paper. Glue the paper onto the back of the paper plate until it is totally covered. Draw a Jack-o-lantern mouth on the plate and then glue a Popsicle stick onto the bottom of the plate. When it's all dry, your child can use the stick to hold the mask up to his face. Super cute!

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