7. Art Gallery

All children love to draw and finger paint, creating magnificent masterpieces for you to hang on the refrigerator. Unfortunately, you quickly run out of space and find yourself stuck with the choice of which lovely piece of artwork you will display and which you will put away for safe keeping. Instead of only displaying a few at a time, why not make your child’s room into their very own art gallery! You can frame each item, use picture frame decals that are easily removable or even leave them as they are and use double sided tape to adhere them to the wall. Your kids will love having all of their pictures on display for family and friends to admire!

However you choose to embellish your child’s room, keep it fun. Their play area should motivate them to learn and to create. Making their room into a place where it is easy to play pretend is a great way to inspire them. What are your favorite ways of decorating a child’s room?