Here's a startling statistic: 663 children died in car accidents in 2015, and 35% of those deaths were the result of no car seats or seat belts being used. Using an appropriate car seat reduces the risk of death for infants by 71% and for toddlers by 54%.Using the appropriate car seat is key. According to the CDC:

β€’ Children aged 0-2 should use a rear-facing seat, provided the child does not exceed the maximum weight limit of the seat.

β€’ Children aged 2-4 who weigh no more than 40 pounds should use a forward-facing car seat.

β€’ Children aged 4-8 who are no taller than 4'9" should use a booster seat with a belt. At this stage, kids should still be riding in the backseat.

β€’ Children older than 8 and/or those who are 4'9" should wear a regular seat belt (no booster seat required).

Children should use a booster seat until an adult seatbelt fits properly.The lap belt should be on the upper thighs and the belt should be on the chest, not the neck.

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