Can't Stand Cookies? 7 Alternatives Santa Will Adore ...

Little kids assume that Santa loves to eat cookies, because that's what they've been taught by movies and books. Of course, the "Santa" that visits your home might not be the biggest fan of cookies, so why would you encourage your children to leave that snack out for him? There are plenty of other things that they can put on a plate for old Saint Nick. Here are some alternatives that Santa might like munching on more than cookies this year:

1. Brownies in Cookie Cutter Shapes

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If your kids usually like to make cookies, because they get to use cookie cutters, you could make brownies instead this year. After all, you can use those cookie cutters on a plate of brownies just as easily as you would with a plate of cookies. The only difference is that Santa will get a change of pace, and get to eat something a little more scrumptious than usual.

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