Mommies 👩‍👧 Will Love ❤️ These Calorie Burning ⚖️ Baby Bonding 💞 Activities ...

With your new mom schedule you may find squeezing in your workout to be a struggle since you usually have your bundle in tow. Stop stressing and work out with your baby. There are countless workouts you can do with your baby that will help you bond while you get your sweat on. And one of the best parts of doing exercise with your baby is that you will be a great example to advocate better health and you will never have to worry about finding a babysitter while you exercise. So burn calories while bonding with you baby at the same time with these super effective workouts that work!

1. Stroller Workouts

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Stroller workouts are an effective way to get your workout in with your baby along for the ride. You can perform exercises like walking lunges, reverse lunges and even squat steps to work the larger muscle groups while bonding with your baby at the same time. While you work out chat with your baby so you can bond while burning mega calories!

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