7 Best Baby Food Brands ...

As soon as my baby was able to eat baby food, I went crazy trying to find the best baby food brands for the apple of my eye! I wanted to make sure the food I'm giving my baby is healthy, nutritious, and of course safe! There are tons of brands out there that claim to be the “best,” but to be honest; it's all in the label. I’m a huge advocate for buying local at farmers markets, buying organic and making my own baby food. But at times when I’m on vacation or on the go, I want to make sure I’m giving my baby the best baby food brands!

1. Plum Organics

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Plum Organics makes it to the top of my best baby food brands list because of the information they provide. Crazy right? But I like to look into companies, what kind of foods they use and where they're sourced. These are all actually really important! Looking into Plum, my kids fell in love with the taste and texture. The background of the company, the folks that work there, as well as their mission, made me applaud them. They’re all about providing the best for your baby, organically!

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