7 Awesome Tips for Feeding a Picky Toddler ...


There is nothing more frustrating to me than feeding a picky toddler. I am a huge lover of food. I love all types of food from all cultures and I eat food from every food group. That said, you can imagine how frustrating it is to be the parent of a picky eater. It really makes me want to pull my hair out at times. However, with a little patience and some innovation, I have figured out how to make feeding a picky toddler successful.

1. Dress It up

The tip for feeding a picky toddler, as far as I'm concerned, is dressing up the food. While yes, it is time consuming, it is worth it. I have cookie cutters in every shape and size, I have food coloring galore and I have toothpicks coming out of my ears. I make baked yams shaped like trains and turn mashed potatoes into green and blue clouds. Hey - it works, and that's all that matters.

Call It Something else
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