Are There Any Other Moms Who Believe That One of Their Jobs is...?

COMMENT keep their children from killing themselves? i have a 2.5 year old (boy) who will jump from and climb on EVERYTHING; and a 5 year old who wants to pick wild "berries" and eat them. i feel like i'm constantly saying, "get down!, stop jumping!, get that out of your mouth!" we're currently looking to move, and i've completely written off any home with an open staircase, loft, or a deck. i'm just hoping they make it to young adulthood like their older brother without any major hospitalizations and rare infections/poisonings.

aesa, i'm aware it's normal behavior, but thanks for the tip. ;-/

@david: YES!!!! LOL! my husband and i have just settled for minor concussions, and infections that can be easily cured with a broad-spectrum antibiotics..

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