7 Activities That Your Kids Should Wear a Helmet for ...

“Wear a helmet,” is a refrain often heard at my house. With three boys at home, it’s common for at least one to forget to grab his helmet before we go on a bike ride. However, it’s something I never compromise on. Imagine the injuries or worse that could happen if your child was hit by a car or went flying over the handlebars. You probably know that bike riding is an activity that means your child will need to wear a helmet, but you might surprised at all the others.

1. Scootering

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Scooters are gaining in popularity and, much like bike riding, require your child to wear a helmet. Chances are he goes scootering in the same places he might ride a bike, so it pays to protect him from passing cars, a trip or a collision with another rider. There are loads of really cool helmets at most sporting goods stores so I promise you’ll find one he’s willing to wear.

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