5. In Grocery Shopping

Too many times, I've been at Wal-Mart and noticed kids screaming their heads off for no apparent reason. The parents were either trying to ignore it or bribe them to be quiet. In truth, neither of these worked. Kids like to be involved - even at the store. Engage in a conversation with your child as you shop.

Talk about the colors you're seeing, the different foods. For instance, the other day, my son and I were at the store passing bananas. I said, "Oh, look, yummy bananas!" to which he replied, "I like yellow" "Yes, yellow is a pretty color. Would you like Mommy to get some bananas to eat?" "Uh-huh" "You know who else likes bananas? Curious George" Then for the next five minutes or so, we discussed curious George. It's all too easy if you just engage them!

In Certain Family Choices
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