7 Tips on Choosing Video Games for Kids ...

Playing video games are a popular entertainment activity for most young children. A number of parents fear that allowing their child to indulge in this activity will take them away from better, more fulfilling ones like playing outdoors or with friends. However it should be clarified that video games can help your child develop some useful skills like judgment, teamwork, playing with others and how every decision has a consequence. For this reason it is wise to permit gaming however choose the games well. Here are 7 tips on choosing video games for kids.

1. Check the Rating

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Every game has a rating provided by the Entertainment Software Rating Board (ESRB). This rating is intended to give buyers an indication of what kind of content exists in a game but by no means should it be the sole factor for decision-making. The rating is a general guideline, useful to get a quick idea on what the game is about.

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