7 Things You Should Definitely Not Buy for Kids ...


I’m sure every parent has experienced that time when their offspring really wants something they know will annoy the hell out of them. You manage to remain steadfast and turn their attention elsewhere then along comes a birthday or a favourite aunt and that very thing you so didn’t want them to have lands in their lap. Here are some really parent-unfriendly toys and stuff.

1. Automaton Toys

These are those horrible electronic noisemakers that are really cute the first time you hear them sing or walk across the room barking but when that stupid duck starts the “I can dance” song for the 50th time in a row it’s all you can to not lob it out of the window. Just use cheap batteries so they run out quickly then forget to replace them. The former duck lover will soon have swapped their playtime allegiance to something else, probably as equally annoying, but hey ho.

Silly String
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