6. Mom and Dad Will Always Be There

All parents try to do what they think is best for their child, they all want to see their child successful. They all know life’s not easy and they are, logically, trying to protect their child thinking, “Okay, let’s do everything in our power to postpone his/her encounter with the cruel world outside” Yes, that is the way to go but only until a certain age. I have friends my own age that simply refuse to think about what’s going to happen once their parents are gone.

I’ve known some for years and they haven’t moved one step further and are expecting a fluffy, Italian leather CEO chair to magically appear under their butts. Once your kids get older, you should definitely start sharing little moments and info that involves your usual day at work, you should be honest about your financial situation and let them finally see money doesn’t grow on trees. My parents have always said, “I’ll feed you and put clothes on you as long as you study so if you want to befed and well dressed until the age of 30, you’d better have a PhD to show me. That way I’ll know you’ll have a lot of careers options to choose from once I’m gone. You don’t want to study? No problem! Get a job! Experience is a very desirable skill and you won’t get any if you continue on sitting on your butt 24/7.”

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