5. All Eyes on Me

An only child always has to be the center of attention because that’s what it’s always been like. Well, honestly, I blame the parents. If you are always ready to drop everything you’re doing just to please your child and let it have your undivided attention, that child would expect that from its friends too. That’s why I don’t hang out with them anymore – too self-observed.

Always me, me, me, everything has to be their way and they expect you to come running to them as soon as they blow the whistle. I also don’t like the way they act in public – always loud and totally capable of shushing 5 people simply because they don’t fancy the topic that’s being discussed. I do believe there are people who don’t have any brothers and sisters and act normally but I bet they are very rare and I can guarantee the moulds were broken after they have been made. So, if you are one or know one, consider yourself very lucky.

Mom and Dad Will Always Be There
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