8 Ways to Teach Preschoolers the Alphabet ...


Are you a parent who is trying to teach preschoolers the alphabet?

Are your preschool-aged kids reluctant to participate in your activities, or does it seem as if they just aren’t grasping the concept?

If so, don’t be discouraged;

you just have to think outside of the box.

Put down those chalkboards and flashcards and try some of these fun and engaging ways to teach preschoolers the alphabet.

1. Alphabet Fishing

Kids will be thrilled when you let them go fishing for the alphabet.2

Print out or cut out images of fish on different colored paper.

Print the letters of the alphabet on the backs of the fish – either lowercase, uppercase, or a collection of both.

Punch holes in the fish and feed paperclips through the holes.

Tie a piece of yarn to a ruler and tie a magnet to the other end of the yarn.

As kids ‘catch’ the fish with the magnets, have them tell you the names of the letters.

This is one of the many marvelous ways to teach preschoolers the alphabet.

2. Alphabet Memory

Do you remember the game ‘Memory’ from when you were a kid?

Well, use a rendition of it to teach your preschoolers their letters.

Print the letters on two sets of index cards.

Flip the cards over and kids proceed to play, following the traditional ‘Memory’ rules (flip over cards and find the matches based on their memory).2

3. Alphabet Scavenger Hunt

Kids always love a scavenger hunt, so why not send them on one to teach them the alphabet?

Say a letter of the alphabet and review the sound that it makes, then have kids look for items that start with the letter that was discussed.

This works really well at the grocery store, too!2

4. Alphabet Hop

Kids get some physical exercise while learning their letters with this activity.

Write the letters on pavement with sidewalk chalk and have kids hop on them and say the names as they do.2

Try writing them out of order to make it a little more difficult.

It's sort of like hopscotch!

Alphabet Sort
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