8 Ways to Deal with Sibling Rivalry ...


Sibling rivalry can be a nightmare for parents to deal with.

When your kids are always squabbling, you feel more like a referee than a parent.

What you need are some tips on how to deal with sibling rivalry and restore harmony to the household.

So here are some useful ways to handle sibling rivalry …

1. Firm Boundaries

My first tip on how to deal with sibling rivalry is to make sure that your kids have very firm boundaries regarding their behaviour.

Make it clear what is and is not acceptable.

They must know that behaviour such as punching, hair-pulling, name-calling, stealing toys etc is completely wrong.

2. Time for Each

Kids can often feel, rightly or wrongly, that their sibling is the favoured one.

So make sure that you spend time with each one independently.

Take them for their favourite activities without their brother or sister present, so you can enjoy each other´s company and they feel that they have your full attention.2

3. Praise Achievements

Sibling rivalry can be caused by jealousy.

Does one child feel that the other one is prettier, cleverer, more popular or always gets more praise from you?

Help them feel a sense of self-worth by praising their achievements and showing that you are proud of them.

4. Separate Them

Sometimes the best option, when your kids won´t stop fighting, is to put them in separate places for time out.

If space permits, give them their own rooms – it´s not much fun to share a room when you don´t get on with a sibling!

5. Family Time

As well as spending time with each child individually, it´s also important to spend time together as a family.

This can help create a sense of having a family unit.2

So even if it isn´t always fun, the family needs to do activities together, and hopefully in time it will become more harmonious.

Listen to Them
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