7 Hints for Feeding a Fussy Toddler ...


Many parents almost tear out their hair when trying to work out how to feed a fussy toddler.

Many young children go through a stage of refusing to eat certain foods, whether it is something that they haven’t tried before, or a food that they liked yesterday.

This leaves their parents worrying that their child won’t be getting enough nutrition or calories.

Don’t worry though, they will be fine.

If you’re going through the “No!

I don’t like that!” stage, here are some tips on how to feed a fussy toddler …2

1. Don’t Force Them

When parents are wondering how to feed a fussy toddler, mealtimes can quickly turn into a battle of wills.

This won’t work.

Trying to force them to eat will simply upset them and stress you.

You can’t make a child eat something it doesn’t want to eat.

Trying to do so risks putting them off that particular food completely, whereas if you wait and try again another time, they may accept it.

Besides, would you like it if someone tried to make you eat something?

2. One Meal for All

Not so long ago, families sat down to eat the same meal together, with no menu choice.

However now it seems to be common for each member to eat something different.

Thus creates a lot of work for whoever’s cooking (usually Mom), and may encourage children to be fussy.

Putting one meal on the table for everyone to eat and removing the element of choice teaches the kids that it’s that or nothing.

They may well prefer to eat what they’re given than go hungry!

3. No Need to Panic

If your child is fussy about food, don’t panic.

They won’t starve or suffer from malnutrition!

Try not to give in and let them exist on junk, but whatever they do eat will almost certainly be giving them the calories that they need.

So don’t worry about them going hungry or missing out on energy.

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