7 Fabulous Snowy Day Activities to Keep Your Kids Entertained ...


Whether your kids want to go out or stay in, having a cache of snowy day activities keeps them entertained while also preserving your sanity. Sure, a snow day sounds really great, but it can get old real fast if the kids get bored. Over my many years as a mom, Iโ€™ve found a fun variety of snowy day activities that always make the kids cheer โ€“ here they are for your benefit!

1. Create a Movie Theater

When you need an hour or two of quiet respite, a movie theater right in your own home is the answer. This is one of my kidsโ€™ favorite snowy day activities. Clear the furniture in your living room and let your kids set up beanbag chairs or a pile of blankets and pillows. Ply them with popcorn, candy and water and shut off the lights to make the experience more authentic. Then catch a catnap on the couch while they watch.

Make Color Bombs
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