7 Creepy Myths That Might Be Scaring Your Kids ...


We all grew up with those creepy myths that scared the dickens out of us as kids. Truth be told, some of them still creep me out to this day. Imagine my horror when one of my kids came home totally freaked out because he heard one of these urban myths and was terrified to go to sleep that night. If your child suddenly can’t sleep, you might want to ask him if he’s heard something scary lately. In the meantime, read through these creepy myths so you have an idea of what you might be facing.

1. Bloody Mary

This is one of the creepy myths that totally scared the pants off me when I was a kid. The story goes that if you stand in a dark bathroom and say,” Bloody Mary,” three times, she will leap out of the mirror and kill you. It sounds pretty ridiculous, right? But I dare you to give it a try tonight when it gets dark outside. As your eyes adjust to the dark, you can start to see your own reflection in the mirror, which I think is where the creepiness comes in. Don’t worry – I’ve never known anyone who actually saw Bloody Mary, so go ahead and assure your kids that this is completely fake.

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