8 Things Teenage Boys like to do ...


My boys and their friends can get a bit rambunctious at times, but they do make life very interesting.2

I enjoy hearing their stories, most of the time, and I am constantly being updated as to what’s ‘cool’ today and what isn’t.

I’m sure my boys and their friends are typical teens.

However, we do live out in the country, so some of the things listed below might not be a city-boy’s idea of fun.

Here are 8 things teenage boys like to do in our neck of the woods.

8. Campout

Once warmer weather hits, I rarely see the boys in the house.2

They’ve made a campsite down the hill on our property and each of their friends has camping areas set up at their own homes.

The boys rotate camping sites during the spring, summer, and sometimes even into the fall.

During extremely warm weather they don’t even bother taking a tent to set up for sleeping in.

They seem to get a kick out of ‘roughing it’ sometimes.

7. Skateboard through Town

Thankfully we don’t live in an area where skateboarding through town has been banned.

I think this is a great thing, since there is very little for teens to do anyway.

Why take away something that they enjoy that isn’t harming anyone?

6. Have a Contest Amongst Them as to Who Has the Loudest Bodily Functions

This can be quite the contest and sometimes it turns into one that causes me to leave the room.


If you know of any teenage boys, then you know exactly what I’m talking about.

The louder the bodily function, the more laughter there is.

Once the weather turns warm, I usually send them outside for these ‘contests’.

5. Take Dirt Bikes or 4-wheelers on the Back Roads

The beauty of living in the country is that there are tons of dirt roads and open fields to ride 4-wheelers and dirt bikes on.

It seems that most kids around here learn to ride a motor bike or 4-wheeler before ever learning how to ride a bicycle.

Somehow, teenage boys always seem to find a mud puddle, no matter where they end up riding.2



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